Two landlocked surfers who joined forces to create a #surferstrong movement. Meet Mallory and Scott!

Meet Mallory

“It is my purpose to empower the people around me to take action to live their most fulfilled life. I’ve been able to turn my purpose into a career in counselling, corporate leadership development and wellness. I left my corporate life and counselling career behind in 2014 to pursue my passion of connecting people to the ocean and surfing through the vehicle of wellness by opening up a boutique fitness studio in Canada.

“The ocean and surfing taught me so many invaluable lessons that got me through the toughest of times on a personal and professional level. I learnt how to see failure as an opportunity, to let go of the uncontrollable, what it means to truly commit, to find playfulness in movement, be confident and in the moment… just to name a few. It’s an absolute dream to empower women to connect to the very lessons I learned on the water in their daily lives". Creating the Practice has given me the opportunity to connect with millions of people just like you to fulfill this purpose.

As a landlocked Canadian, I found some of my biggest breakthroughs in the water which I’m incredibly excited to share with you. In each months mindset practice, I have applied all of the lessons over the last 13 years I learned on my surfboard combined with my background in counselling that directly shaped who I am today. The daily movement Practices are designed with over 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, group fitness leader and wellness coach. My philosophy with health is to approach every person with care and compassion regardless of your fitness level. My goal is to elevate you not deflate you. Don’t get me wrong, you will be pushed outside of your comfort zone but that’s where magic happens.." - Mal



"As both a seasoned entrepreneur and surfer I have found that alining my purpose with what I do everyday is the ultimate success.  Its my purpose in life to be an inspiring leader, sharing stoke with others and living each moment in gratitude.  Working with Mallory on Swellness is exactly all these important factors coming together at once. I am able to apply my over 20 years of marketing with the love of surfing in a way that is deeply meaningful, and aligned with my desire to help people and share the stoke of the ocean.

In my early 20's I lived in Hawaii and traveled to surf hoping one day to share with others what the ocean has taught me and how much it has inspired everything that I do today.  My goal is to bring extreme value to our customers in a way that provides an exceptional experience.  And honestly, will get me out surfing more and I will be leveraging all of Mallory's lessons personally in my own daily practice." - Scott

Our Mission

Swellness’ purpose is to create a #surferstrong movement in the world. To connect people to healthy ocean inspired living that evolves mind, body and soul. 

Swellness curates and collaborates to provide outstanding products, services and content that will fuel vibrant souls improving their health and well being. 


Origin Story

Founded by two surfing entrepreneurs who are passionate about sharing the stoke of the ocean and surfing to the everyday person. We aim to create a sustainable wellness brand that combines our love of the ocean and our need to impact the greater good of the world.