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#surferstrong challenge

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You did it... welcome to the big island surferstrong challenge!

Let's get to know you a little better before we get started in this 6 week challenge. Fill out the few questions below. Don't worry this information is confidential and will only be seen by your coach. We don't know where we're headed unless we know where we stand today. Ready? 

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This information is completely confidential, the only people that will see this is your coach. Measuring your before and after is incredibly crucial to determining if what you did actually worked for you!
Pick one option that describes your current activity/fitness level the best.
Pick one option that describes your mindset level on an average day.
Pick one option that best describes your current nutrition on an average day.

Congratulations, you are almost there!

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There are just a couple of key things you need to know before we start the challenge. 

  1.  Remember to access your workouts, mindset lessons, meditations and nutrition challenges ALL on the "Teachables" platform. Download the "teachables app" on iTunes.

  2. After you do one of the 4 #surferstrong practices in the "teachables" platform, track and log it by snapping a photo in the Makeme app. Download the "makeme app" on iTunes or on google play for androids

okay, one final step and you are good to go!

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Make sure you have completed everything in the list below before getting started in the challenge!

Now take me to the workouts, mindset, meditations and more!