big island #surferstrong challenge 

We have teamed up with the most inspiring, knowledgable and uplifting local Hawaiian wellness experts (and one Canadian ;) to give you a truly transformational experience in our upcoming 6 week challenge. Meet our Big Island #Surferstrong Challenge Instructors below.


Noelani love

This Hawaiian ocean loving Goddess will be sharing her gifts and talents of yoga, modern day mantra music and meditation during our 6 week #surferstrong challenge. Noelani creates a sense of inner peace, calmness, grounding and connection to self during this challenge through her yoga and meditation practices throughout this challenge.

Kilty Inafuku Headshot.jpg

Kilty inafuku

Kilty, is our courageous Hawaiian #surferstrong instructor who followed her passion to pursue teaching yoga and meditation to impact the world beyond what her previous career as an engineer would allow. Kilty brings an element of strength, power, energy and courage in her yoga and meditation practices that will truly inspire you over the next 6 weeks.

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mallory chapman

Mallory, the landlocked Canadian surfer is your host and curator of the challenge. Mallory is here to get salty with you in our weekly workouts, help create a positive energy and new shift in your mindset. Call her your cheerleader and your daily accountability partner during the challenge. Mallory brings the stoke, the uplifting energy and creativity to the weekly fitness and mindset practices.

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Hannah, your resident wellness chef based in Oahu. Hannah started a small Farm to Table catering and meal delivery business almost 2 years ago. She grew up in a very active and health conscious family. Hannah’s philosophy on wellness is to eat, do, and live what makes her and her body feel best. To listen to yourself, your dreams, and what puts a smile on your face and no one else's. To do things in moderation - for her, eating sweets - and to move everyday no matter what that might look like.

“The idea of health and wellness wasn't always an easy concept for me. And it's still work (that I fully enjoy), daily. In my past, I struggled with eating disorders and what a "healthy" body was suppose to look like. I was an athlete, and thought that meant I had to have zero curves or shape. Now, having a stronger connection to food and nutrition, exercise for feeling strong (not looking strong), and doing activities that I love and bring me peace and clarity are what I now understand as wellness. I would jump at any chance to help motivate, inspire, and encourage anyone who may deal with the same challenges that I did/do or simply need some tips for eating healthier in the kitchen”.