our #surferstrong practices

In this 6 week challenge, you will get points each time you complete one of our 4 #surferstrong practices that if followed, can change your life.

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From the beach to your living room or office, escape for as little as 10 minutes a day. Build your surferstrong body 5 days a week with our online video workouts, yoga and mobility classes. Our program has been designed for all levels of fitness that you can do anywhere, anytime with either no equipment or using resistance bands and a pilates ball.

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Tune out once a week and tune into our weekly audio guided meditations, mindset lessons and journalling exercises. Listen on the go and reflect for just a few minutes a week. These mindset practices will help you build a surferstrong mentality of resiliency, mindfulness, being stoked, feeling grounded, and energized.

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Get weekly recipes, expert nutrition advice and learn to be more mindful with your nutrition. One week you will get a nutrition lesson/challenge, the next week you will get a delicious surferstrong recipe. 

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Be held accountable and get motivated by our #surferstrong crew and your coach in our private app. Give someone a fist pump or share your stoke and positive vibes with another surferstrong crew member each and everyday on our app.